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  • It also features Otso’s Tuning Chip rear dropout, allowing the wheelbase to be lengthened or shortened by up to 20mm, which also changes bottom bracket height by up to 4mm and head tube angle by +/- 0.5°. In the forward position, the Voytek is fast and responsive, and in the rearward position, you’ll have more control and stability—especially in snow.
    (...)According to Otso, the frame will clear a 26 x 4.6″ tire with an 11-speed drivetrain in the rear position of the Tuning Chip rear dropout system. The chance of chain rub with a 4.6″ tire increases with a 12-speed drivetrain when the chain is on the biggest cog. They recommend a max 4.2″ tire for those who run 12-speed. As mentioned, the latest fork can clear a 26 x 5.4″ tire on a 100mm rim, and the Voytek has clearance for any 29 x 3.0″ or 27.5 x 3.0″ tire both front and back.­k-review/

  • C’est pas le concept du Boost/Super Boost de décaler la ligne de chaine pour passer du gros pneus?

  • Le boost c'est pas tellement pour les pneus, c'est pour avoir un meilleur parapluie sur la roue arrière. Comme la cassette s'en trouve décalée vers l'extérieur la ligne de chaîne est modifiée d'autant ; mais c'est une conséquence pas le but


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